International Security: Current Strategies, Threats and Challenges

The conference main scope is to encourage young generations to fully understand the Alliance working mechanism. It will help students to get an insight of what NATO means today, as the target audience of the event is composed by young people born after the Cold War. They need to understand the necessity of transatlantic solidarity in security and defense matters, taking into consideration the complexity of the threats that we face nowadays: the crisis in Ukraine, Syria and even in the interior of our borders. It appears more and more evident the necessity for this kind of seminars for students involved or interested in international affairs.

The conference topics:

  • Emerging Security Threats to NATO;
  • NATO’s Relevance as a Collective Defence Organization in the Light of Recent Events;
  • Why Countries Need to Spend 2% of GDP to Their Security?

Workshop topic: “Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management in the European Neighborhood”.


  • Cdr (R) Kurt Engelen, Vice President of the Euro-Atlantic Association of Belgium and Counselor at the Representation of Belgium to the Military Committee of NATO;
  • Major Serge Stroobants, Royal Military Academy in Belgium;
  • Prof. Luciano Bozzo, Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Florence;
  • Prof. Umberto Gori, University of Florence “Cesare Alfieri”