Our Commitment to Privacy

The Euro Atlantic Diplomacy Society (EAD Society) respects the privacy of every visitor to our website. Your privacy is a priority, and we go to great lengths to protect it. This Internet Site Privacy Policy explains our online information practices. This Policy may be changed or updated from time to time. By visiting the EAD Society at www.eadsociety.com, you accept the practices described in this Policy.

Data Collection

Through our website, we offer convenient online access to our opportunities and communicate with you about important upcoming events. We will not collect personal information from you when you visit our website unless you provide the information to us voluntarily and knowingly.

  • Registering for an event: When you register online for an event, we may ask for your name, contact information and CV. Depending upon the activity, we may also collect payment information (such as standard credit card data) and date of birth. For all our events, participants must fill a civil responsibility agreement with personal data in order to confirm they will respect the conditions and rules of participation during the event.
  • Applying at the EAD Society as a project based volunteer: When you apply online to be a EAD Society volunteer, we will ask you for your name, contact information, date of birth and your CV. Furthermore, a volunteering contract will be signed including confidentiality and copyright clauses. We may ask for other data as well, depending on the volunteer activity.
  • Making a financial contribution: When you make a financial contribution online (e.g.: participation fee payment), we collect your name, contact information and standard credit card data in order to confirm you the transfer.


How We Use Your Information

The EAD Society will not sell, trade, or share personal information about our participants, guests and/or financial donors with anyone else.
If you provide the EAD Society with personal information when you visit our website, we may use the information in our programs and activities. We may enter your name into one of our databases so we can contact you to obtain your input, provide information about our programs and events, or request your contribution in order to strengthen the Alumni community.

We Care About Doing It Right

The EAD Society is committed to accuracy and precision in processing your contribution information. We employ a variety of error-checking procedures, and our systems are subject to independent external and internal audits to ensure the privacy, security and accurate processing of your information.

If you need to contact us to review your information or make corrections, please do it.