The purpose of Euro Atlantic Diplomacy Society is to raise awareness on the mission and main activities of the international organizations, while creating a platform for the young generation to debate on current social and political international issues. EAD Society addresses to young people with different backgrounds: Law, Political Science, International and European Studies, Security and Military Studies, Journalism, Economics, Media and Communication, Education and Culture, History, Social Sciences etc.

EAD Society aims to enrich the academic curriculum of its participants, by engaging them in intercultural exchange programs and by offering them a close view over their prospective career. Students have the opportunity to implement the tools of analysis acquired during their studies in a practical environment, which has all the features of a real-life situation, since all the actors involved in the simulation process and/or crisis management scenarios defend important national interests, such as peace and security.

EAD Society has also become a framework of democratic expression, aimed at teaching the students the art of negotiation, communication and multilateral diplomacy in a multicultural environment. In a time where the lack of tolerance and dialogue increased considerably, EAD Society projects serve as a platform where young delegates with different backgrounds can share ideas and work together. During these projects, the students have the chance to broaden their views on different political approaches and to learn more about other societies.

Cultural diversity represents the central pillar of our events where long-lasting and long-distance friendships are established. Experts, professionals and academics are part of our events and they contribute to actively increase the level of preparation and knowledge of our participants. Learning by doing, using strategic communication and being an innovative leader represents a step forward in order to strengthen the Euro Atlantic Diplomacy Society.